Z Nation’s Anastasia Baranova Talks Grit, Characters, and Comic Books

Anastasia Baranova kicks some serious zombie ass as Z Nation’s Addison “Addy” Carver. No stranger to ass kicking herself, Anastasia has been working steadily as an actress since 2002. Her credits include television, movies, and video games. When given the opportunity to ask Anastasia some questions I just had to hear more about Addy’s motivation, love life, and that Z Whacker.

Addy went through a lot of transitions in Seasons 1 and 2 from joining the Sisters of Mercy to Mack’s death, what emotional challenges does she face in Season 3? 

This will be a really tough year for Addy. It’s truly a test of her grit that pushes her beyond what I think even she thought she could do. She gets an arch nemesis and they really go toe-to toe; the season ends with Addy becoming an apocalyptic Black Widow meets Die Hard.

Do you think that Addy truly loved Mack?

Absolutely. I think her decision to stay with the Sister of Mercy came from deep pain and deep love for Mack. Addy knew that in the emotional place she was in, she couldn’t handle something happening to him because she loved him so much.

Image Credit: James DePietro
Image Credit: James DePietro

Fans want another romance or hookup for Addy and there is a good amount of chatter that she may be bisexual. Do you want to see Addy enter into another relationship or do you want to see her single?

I would love to see her in a relationship! The world our characters exist in is so tough and they’re constantly under so much pressure. It’d be great for Addy to have someone she could be tender with.

It’s always interesting to see where the actor ends and the character begins. How are you like Addy? How are you different? 

Addy is a heightened extension of me. We’re both sassy and sarcastic but what drives us our love. The people we care about, the values we think are worth fighting for.

Other than Addy’s, which character’s story do you resonate with? 


What can we expect for the Westward-survivors in Season 3? And please tell us we will be seeing 10K and Citizen Z!

No Spoilers!!!! Yes, you will.

Image Credit: Syfy
Image Credit: Syfy

We are very concerned about Addy’s Z-Whacker. Is it gone for good? And how heavy was it to lug that thing around. It looks burdensome.

Luckily, the real star of the show is back and better than ever! The new and imported Z-Whacker will be taking some major names and kicking serious ass this year! We have a practical version of the weapon that is seriously heavy and several rubber ones that are pretty light. They’re no joke!

Your role is incredibly physical. How do you prepare for all of the Zombie ass kicking? 

It’s a lot! I tend to forget I’m on a zombie show when I’m on hiatus and spend as much time on the couch eating Dominos and sour watermelon candy. When we’re gearing up to film again I start working out again. The show calls for a lot of running and taking major hits.

Z Nation is now a comic book. Black Summer. How cool is that? Are you a comic book fan? Is it strange to see your likeness in a comic book?

It’s so exciting! I haven’t seen anything yet but I imagine it’ll be really trippy and fun. I really loved Calvin & Hobbes. I have the whole series in a collection. Definitely a prized possession.

Any upcoming projects you would like to share with your fans? 

I did an alien slasher/thriller this year called Welcome to Willits. We’re starting the festival circuit already, we’ll be at the New York Horror Film Festival in November. I’m really excited for people to see- I think it’ll be one of those cult things.

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