Trevor, Ian and the Shameless Effect

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  1. Bec says:

    Woohoo this is beautiful. I love every word of it and completely agree. Ian is gutsy and resilient and brave. I wanna see that boy. I have a friend who is bipolar and he is the same loving, smart and resilient person I new before his diagnosis. It’s just now he had to give himself down time and take care of his head and body. I hope in season 8 ian decides to be Ian.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Sarah, I think I agree more with your first article. Maybe I am not well versed with critiquing (shameless being the first show Ive cared about enough to read critique’s articles) but I do believe your first article was a bit accurate.

    What I think is that the writers of the show in season 7 were trying to give Ian a break from all the seriousness that sorrounded his life with his past relationships. Trevor brought out the fun carefree Ian who did not have to think too much into everything but was just plain living and enjoying it. As viewers we all know that Mickey is Ian’s “soulmate” for lack of a better word, and so all the other relationships he’s having are “passing ships”. They don’t have deep talks and all but they do have a spark and that should be good enough.I think that Ian truly likes Trevor or at least feels something for him.

    Ian IS gutsy and brave and that’s why he agrees to try out the new things that Trevor has in mind and not because he’s afraid to say no. What I think he did out of fear was sleeping with a girl just because Caleb says so. This is how I choose to look at Trevor, the fun, carefree guy that gets Ian back out of the monotone life that he had started to live. They haven’t exactly defined their relationship because they are winging it, which every 20 something year old boy should get to do.

    Someone said how the writers were taking Ian back to the 17 year old who parties all night but come on even at 20 people are still partying all night and I believe Ian can handle it and balance it with his job and his meds.
    All that said though I hope they can find a way for Mickey to come back because like Ian said to Fiona, what if no one ever gives him the thrill that Mickey gives him? #Gallavich all the way.

  3. Claire says:

    You did a fantastic job of breaking down this pitiful shell of a “relationship”. I feel that in the beginning, all Ian wanted was friendship, as the only friends he ever really had were Mickey and Lip, but Trevor declared that he already had friends. He insisted on all or nothing. And no, he never showed any interest in knowing Ian, he wasn’t invested enough. It was clear that all his character was, was an exercise in political correctness. It was all completely preposterous. The highlight of the season was Ian’s frank admission that he’d been with Mickey. I love your column, keep it up.

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