The Strength of Kevin and Veronica on Shameless

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  1. Veronica from Texas says:

    I have never seen ‘Shameless’ so I have to say “shame on me”. But, I have watched Steve Howey on old episodes of ‘Reba’ and he was great in the character of Van. I can’t wait to see Kev & V in action because Shanola looks like she is playing the role of my life. Of course, not to the T but pretty close; a little dysfunctional, a lot of sex, and they are still together. I am a black woman named Veronica who is married to ‘white boy Keith’ which is his ghetto name from the (streets) projects where he grew up. He is my best friend, a great lover and we compliment each other in the kitchen (he does the meat and I concoct side dishes or sweets). We are survivors and he keeps me floating which is what we do daily try to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Congratulations to both actors (all cast members) and I hope there are another 5 seasons (or something close with an awesome ending).

    1. Mendie says:

      You’re gonna love it. Especially Kev & Veronica. They are the heart of the show in many ways. And this show isn’t afraid to be very real. Let us know what you think.

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