The Flash

‘The Flash’ Preview of “The Race of His Life”

How does The Flash follow up on the death of Barry’s father, Henry? Well with “The Race of His Life”, of course. Barry’s season long struggle with Zoom, aka Hunter Zolomon, finally comes to a close with a good old-fashioned foot race.

Seriously, if this were any other show we’d be rolling our eyes pretty hard right now, but since it’s The Flash we’re only giving it a¬†minimum effort.

We all knew Zoom’s time in Central City would be a limited one, so the only question is: will he go out in a blaze of glory and other than Henry, will he be taking anyone else with him?

The promo for “The Race of His Life” features Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash and Teddy Sears as Zoom/Hunter Zolomon.

The season finale airs Tuesday at 8 pm ET on The CW

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