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The 100 Season 4 Trailer: Rise From The Ashes

Looks like The 100 is back from war, but it’s not as easy to move on when death is looming over everything.

The theme from the newly released trailer for Season Four seems to ask the question: Do we live or do we survive?

Season 3 left off with ALIE being defeated but not before she told Clarke that she’s not the real enemy. Everything ALIE did was to try to help the human race survive the radiation that was going to kill them all. Slowly but surely, all the power plants around the world will emit harmful radiation, and everyone who is exposed is in danger. There’s no more immunity for anyone on the ground, which is exactly where Season 4 picks up.

In the trailer we see a mix of characters, all of them dealing with their impending doom in different ways. Are they focused on surviving or do they want to live their life to the fullest while they still can?

Clarke seems to be focused on surviving, especially when it comes to keeping her people safe. But people like Monty and Murphy aren’t happy with her methods, some of which seem to include Roan and the Ice Nation army.

She’s determined but even the strongest leader has doubts, which we see voiced to her co-leader in a private but totally platonic moment. Clarke asks Bellamy if he still has hope, to which he replies that they’re still breathing.

Bellamy is changing his outlook this time around and his mission is to keep as many people safe as possible. He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, but he might not have a choice if that drive with Roan is anything to go by.

Octavia looks to still be reeling from Lincoln’s death, not knowing the line between justice and revenge. In a hypocritical turn of events, Octavia now has her own grounder nickname (death from above), as she is seen killing anyone that crosses her path. Now Indra finds out about this from Roan but she is far from impressed with her star student.

On the Grounder side of things, the Azgeda King may have gotten a little more than he bargained for. Echo promises that she can help him rule all, which might be in danger because of his alliance with the Sky People. Roan is a big part of The 100 this time around but is he an ally or an enemy?

The 100 is getting ready to raise the stakes once again, but there’s still some hope left somewhere. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the fact that death may be near, yet they are still fighting to find a way to make it out alive. Tensions are running high between the Sky People, with new faces shaking up the relationships that we’ve grown to love.

Parting Thoughts 

  • We’ve only gotten a few glimpses of Raven but things aren’t looking good.
  • Murphy and Emori are living their happily ever after, something that might not last very long.
  • Clarke has taken over with speeches, maybe that’s what caused some tension between her and Monty (and Murphy)?
  • There’s a new face in town and Ilian (Chai Hansen) is definitely going through a lot. Will he find an ally in Kane?
  • Romance is in the air for Abby and Kane, but who didn’t call that already? And it looks like Harper and Monty are still going strong, an unexpected romance that I’m actually very excited to see blossom.
  • Jaha looks like he’s traumatized by this City Of Light business that he inflicted on everyone, but with remorse comes some meaningful advice and a new shaved hairdo.
  • Now the last thought is all about Luna and her wellbeing. She doesn’t look like she’s doing okay in the trailer, with the radiation leaving her powerless. It’s one thing to have an unknown grounder succumb to this scary future but Luna needs to stay alive!

The 100 will return for it’s fourth season February 1st on The CW. 


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  1. Nico says:

    Wait I’m confused on a few points. “Clarke has taken over with some speeches, maybe that’s what caused the tension between her and Monty” ?? Why would Clarke being in charge cause any tension? Or are you implying that she took over by giving speeches and therefore they’re mad?

    Also, “in a hypocritical turn of events” (first the construction of that phrase means that the turn of events is acting hypocritically, not that Octavia is), how do you know Octavia is killing anyone who crosses her path? I know you don’t like her but I’m not sure how shots of her killing people and fighting equate to killing anyone who crosses her.

    I’m anticipating a connection between the new grounder, Ilian, and Clarke, rather than Kane. Similarly, I think Bellamy will end up humanized by Grounders–Echo and Luna are strong candidates for this. He has to go on a redemption journey and it only works, after his xenophobia, if it’s with a grounder. Since Roan seems to know more about Octavia, and because of the shot of Bellamy and his group in the Ice Nation, I have a feeling it’ll be with Echo and through Echo he learns of or reunites with Octavia after character development via echo. It could be Luna, on the other hand: Octavia goes to hide out with Luna and Bellamy, Octavia, and Luna end up spending time together.

    In either case, narratively speaking, unless Bellamy has these necessary interactions with Grounders he won’t develop at all, and he’ll end up sacrificing himself in the end. Mark my words

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