Showtime’s Shameless and the Errors of Comedy

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  1. Kate says:

    Hi Sarah-excellent point that the satellite characters back in the day had interesting attributes and intertwining relationships outside of the Gallaghers-plus last names. We could even include the Lishmans in there. But all the characters since just come and go without much, if any, of a backstory-everyone remember Caleb’s parents other than that one time the writers wanted to use Ian as a gay prop?-and at this point, we’re actually rooting for most of the new characters to go because they get so tedious so fast.

    They don’t even treat the Gallaghers as Gallaghers anymore-Monica’s been killed off, Ian’s been pushed out of the nest more and more every season till the point that his family didn’t even really notice he was almost gone forever, Debbie should’ve been removed along with Frannie by Child Protective Services (and now she’s welding?), Carl moved far away, Liam’s going to a posh private school…I cringe to think the show is going to focus on Frank and Fiona to justify their salaries and let everyone else languish in the boring background this season.

    I know people say hope for the best but prepare for the worst, it’s sad that I feel like I need to apply that to my favorite TV show.

  2. Ashja says:

    Hy there, It’s so nice reading some of your thoughts about season 8 ? I really hope that the writers take the challenge and push over the obstacle, believing in their characters and in their growth like they used to.. But the reality is that who develop some of the most amazing storyline ever written for tv seems to think their purpose is ended.. And also many of the writers has changed in the last 2 season, so probably are less invested in those storylines.

  3. Erika Nu says:

    They need to reunite Mickey and Ian allow them to be together. That’s my biggest hope for S8.

    1. Nae says:

      Yes thank u for saying that Mickeys been through so much for Ian. The writers need to let them live happy being together. My wish for s8

  4. Alena says:

    Great article, Sarah. Shameless was at it’s best when it centered around the neighborhood and it’s families. The Jacksons, Milkoviches’, Galleghers, Fisher/balls, etc. Show us the Southside!

    While we need new characters to keep things fresh, few have been interesting (Etta was TOP NOTCH, Bianca I liked, Dom’s dad). Too much focus has been put on introducing a new line up of boyfriends/husbands for Fiona and Ian. Characters we quickly forget about because the relationship is stale, or they just served as a prop to teach the Gallaghers a lesson.

    In a perfect world, Season 8 would focus back on the family doing something nutty but needed, southside rules, people tearing eachother apart and coming back together and love.

    And not to put too much weight on it, but Season 6 and 7 had a huge Mickey size hole in it. If it served any purpose, it was to remind us how good it was to have him back. When he is on screen, you know it’s going to be a great episode.

    And Shameless? We LOVE the paralells.

    “what do you think, we are going to go down to the courthouse in tuxes like a couple of old queens?” Just a suggestion.

    1. Erika Nu says:

      So agree with you about Mickey!!! He is my favorite by far. His acting and role development has exploded and it’s what needs to come back. Would love to see them get hitched!!!

  5. Erika Nu says:

    Would love to see Mickey and Ian get hitched! Would like to see Ian come full circle and realize Mickey is what he needs. Mickey makes Shameless better that’s all there is to it. Love reading your blogs I feel as if they are real and heartfelt. Exited and nervous for S8. I just hope they bring Mickey back and they reunite and rock the ratings again. #Gallavich!!!

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