Shameless Season Eight Musings: The Gallaghers Need for Redemption

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  1. Bec. says:

    I can’t believe there are no comments yet. Where is Kate? As usual you really seem to hit every cord for me Sarah. I love that even thought the masses seem to love and understand Lip you made your own point. He has been frustrating me. The way he treats Fiona drives me to drink. Now I enjoy a drink normally so that’s not a stretch but still. Debbie is a teenager who right at her most crucial time in development, right when she needed to see that someone had her back, someone was watching what she was doing, she was left flapping in the wind. Teenagers like toddlers love to push boundaries and if no one is around to push back and pull them in line they will make more noise. They will act out further til someone stops them and pushes back. Fiona did not see. She did not push back til it was too late and Debbie was pregnant. Then when she needed her Fiona pulled away. Arrrggghhh I have seen Fiona make these mistake so often. With Lip when she kicked him out for not going to school. With Ian when he ran away. They didn’t work then however in true Fiona style she doesn’t learn from her parental mistakes. I don’t judge her for making them. I judge her for not learning from them. Is it reality, um I guess so. The world is full of people who don’t learn from their mistakes. Would I work with them, yes. Would I be friends with them. Yep I have one as my bestest friend. However I can still find it as frustrating as hell. The world blames Debbie for being a teen and the thing is when your a teen mum and come from the world she comes from then you are not afforded the excuses for your bad behaviour than those who have loving parents and make mistakes like getting too drunk at a party and being obnoxious. Still I feel for Debs. Like any teen, every now and then you see the real her come out. You see her shine through and you realise she is going to be just fine beit as selfish as her siblings.

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