Shameless Memories: Ian Gallagher Comes Out to Mandy

In comparison to when Mickey came out in season four, Ian Gallagher’s coming out in season one went pretty damn well, but that doesn’t make it any less of an important moment in the show’s history. When Ian (Cameron Monaghan) first came out to Mandy Milkovich (then played by actress Jane Levy) he was taking a huge risk. A risk that very well could have cost him his life.

He had absolutely no reason to believe Mandy would keep his secret and every reason to believe that she would tell her brothers the moment he left. Instead, he gathered up his courage and put all of his faith in Mandy’s hands. What Ian couldn’t have known at that time was when he came out to Mandy it, perhaps for the first time, showed her that there were men out there willing to stand up for her who wanted absolutely nothing from her.

A friendship was forged that day between Ian Gallagher and Mandy Milkovich that was stronger even than the bonds of family. Ian had Mandy’s back and Mandy had Ian’s and nothing was ever going to change that. Not ex-boyfriends, not time, not distance, nothing.

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