The Moment Sammi Slott Became The Most Hated Person in ‘Shameless’ History

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  1. Jes says:

    First of all, that title is pretty misleading. You didn’t actually say anything about why she became the most hated person in Shameless history. Second of all, I get what you’re trying to say about the Gallaghers and Milkoviches, they have done their fair share of vengeful things, but you’re ignoring a pretty big distinction. Neither the Gallaghers nor the Milkoviches have ever gone after anyone who didn’t deserve it (in their estimation). There’s a huge difference between going after someone who has wronged you and indirectly hurting them by going after someone uninvolved. Ian was a completely innocent bystander in all of it. Going after Frank or Carl, I might have understood, and your point would be valid, but going after Ian? How can you possibly defend that? Of course anyone would be incredibly defensive of their children and/or the people they love, but if you would do that or worse to a completely innocent human being, you’re just as bad, if not worse than whoever you’re trying to get back at.

    1. Mendie says:

      I wasn’t trying to defend her. I was trying to see it from her perspective. There’s a difference. You can try to understand why someone did what they did without defending them. Also, Sammi was going after the Gallaghers as a whole in a way that would really hurt them at their core as she was hurt at her core. That was accomplished by turning Ian in. I don’t agree with what she did in any way. I would also say that Sammi feels perfectly justified by her actions just as the Gallaghers and Milkoviches feel justified by their actions when they go after people who have done them wrong. The difference is we like them whereas we view Sammi as the outsider who doesn’t belong.

  2. Mike says:

    There’s no perspective… She’s sick. I see all these posts about Ian being bipolar as if it’s the only disorder shown on shameless. Shameless is honestly like a psychiatrists wet dream. Frank – classic narcissistic personality disorder. Lip – classic adhd. Carl – conduct disorder > sociopath. Charly – prob on the autistic spectrum but clearly retarded. And lastly sammi is a textbook description of borderline personality disorder (very high association with narcissistic parents).

  3. Qccrrt says:

    We have a shame thought, i dont like her really much, but i love how she protecs her son when nobody give a shit. Finally, she just a Gallanger. I even like her than dep and fi. Hope she will come back with Mickey in the next season.

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