Preview of Empire’s “My Naked Villainy”

It seems Lucious’s “little sick bug” turned out to be a full-on sickness in episode 13 of season 3, “My Naked Villainy.” Telling from the footage in the trailer, everyone will go down memory lane, thinking about all Lucious has meant to them or what he has done to them. For many in the show, that doesn’t spell well for Lucious, as he is pretty much incapacitated and subject to the will of those around him.

As one of the large arcs threaded through this season of Empire, Cookie is reminiscing on the old days when her and Lucious’s relationship was fresh and free of betrayals. From other previews such as this Season Empire Preview, it is clear Lucious won’t die this episode. Therefore, it must have a greater purpose amongst the scheme of things, and I believe it is to put fire under the Lucious and Cookie relationship plot. Under the pressure of Lucious’s life being in danger, will Cookie change her tune about her love for him?

It doesn’t seem like Anika will be changing her tune this episode, as she still hums Nirvana’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” under her breath when she dresses. Hopefully (but probably not) after some contemplation of her situation, Anika decides to kill Lucious, because they “never signed the prenup.”  In Anika’s defense, Lucious has threatened her life multiple times and has made it clear, he will kill her if this Tariq situation doesn’t pan out like she wants it to. However, I do firmly believe this is just Anika being the snake she’s always been. Yes, circumstances have driven her to many of her actions, but she’s thrived in this villainess role, so I have no sympathy for her.

Let’s keep in mind this is the same Anika who pushed Andre’s pregnant wife down the stairs because she wanted her child to be the heir of Empire. This is the Anika that spiked a reforming, coke addicts drink so Cookie wouldn’t be successful in her comeback to Empire. Even before the initial fall out with Lucious, she has always been a cut-throat person, and I respect her for it just as much as I hate her for it.

Since Lucious isn’t currently undergoing war with Jamal or Hakeem, I’m sure they’ll show some type of sadness in their father’s sickness. Hakeem still views his dad as the world, and Jamal has learned to love his dad for who he is. However, Andre is on a different road right now, which I’m still a bit confused about. Andre has made it clear, it isn’t Empire he’s after, but his father’s life. And I still don’t fully understand why. Rhonda has only ever wanted Andre to take over the company, and Anika is the one who threw her down the stairs and off the side of a building.

So his personal vendetta against his father is still lost on me. I’m sure they’ll be some act of sadness about his father’s current state, just as he still acts as the dutiful son, who handles all remainder business aspects of Empire that the Co-CEO don’t have time to. I wonder if he’ll take this opportunity to kill Lucious that Anika seems to have taken. A part of me seriously doubts it, because when Lucious gets better, he’ll know his son has been plotting against him and it takes away the only advantage Andre has against him. Andre has always been a patient man, so I can’t see him reveal his cards, even if Lucious’s is walking a tightrope.

To find out the next moves the Lyons will make, catch the next episode of Empire, Wednesday, on Fox at 9/8c!

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