Meredith’s Mistakes in “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker”

Meredith Grey was quite the antagonistic figure in the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy  “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker.” Thus far, I’m having a hard time getting behind Mer this season. Her loyalty to Alex is admirable, but I’d love her show reverence to her sister. The way she has handling the pseudo-love triangle between herself, Maggie and Riggs has been nothing short of cringe worthy.

Meredith is Messing with Maggie

After promising Maggie truthfulness in their relationship going forward just a few episodes ago, Meredith has found a way to entangle herself in a bad situation that could have been avoided by coming clean and showing her sister a little respect and decency.

Grey's Anatomy - Maggie Pierce - Meredith Grey

Now, I don’t blame Meredith for hooking up with Riggs. She can do whatever she wants. However, Meredith should have stopped Maggie when she came to her and told her that she was going to go for it with Riggs. She would have spared her the discomfort of attempting to move in on a guy that is interested in her sister.

In the last episode, Meredith admitted to Alex that she slept with Riggs, right before Maggie came in and took a seat on the couch between them. Maggie was clearly upset, drinking liquor straight from the bottle. She rambled on a bit about how humiliated she was by Riggs turning her down while Alex and Mer shot each other uncomfortable looks. I was mortified for Maggie. I know she didn’t know what was going on, but Meredith was letting her sister walk around with egg on her face. All she could offer to Maggie was to “forget him, it’s really time to move on. Look on the bright side…” Maggie jumped on the idea of looking on the bright side, and said she would give it time. Alex and Meredith exchanged more glances and my second-hand embarrassment grew.

Grey's Anatomy - Meredith Grey - Nathan Riggs - Martin Henderson - Ellen Pompeo

Meredith continued her shady behavior in “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker.” Instead of being forthcoming about her feeling for Riggs, she avoided Maggie, her hurt feeling and bruised ego. To make matters worse, which I was surprised was even possible, Meredith told Riggs that he should go back to Maggie and accept the date. Then, on the date he should do everything he can to turn Maggie off. I’m sorry, but when did we end up back in Middle School? This is incredibly immature and intentionally cruel. I sincerely hope that in next weeks episode we don’t see Riggs go through with this harebrained plan. This is becoming a bad 80s movie.

Maggie gave Meredith a gaping, wide opening to come clean in the show’s final scene. She asked her bluntly if there was anything Meredith wanted to get off her chest. Here’s the door, Meredith, walk right through it. Do the right thing. Of course, Meredith quirked her face and kept her lips tightly shut.

If Meredith does nip this Maggie and Riggs issue in the bud soon, she is going to eradicate any sympathy viewers can muster for her through her trials and tribulations that will no doubt occur during Season 13.

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