House of Lies

House of Lies to end June 12th

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  1. Clifton Maclin says:

    I am not shocked that the show has been cancelled, or ” counseled out.” As I wrote in earlier comments, with the break in storyline and character development continutiy after Season 4, essential “glue” holding viewer interest, and my interest was lost. I continued watching hoping the writers and producers would return to the original storyline and character relationship development and continutiy. They did not do it. I actually felt physically ill after episode 6, where Marty let himself get sucked into Rita’s black racist games.

    Marty and Jeannie’s relationship has become very disjointed: one moment they obviously love eachother and are devoted to eachother, the next they just occupy adjoining offices, are emotinally disconnected partners in a business, and have a kid. So as a viewer, what is one to think….just very disappointed……..

  2. Clifton Maclin says:

    I promised you I would give my perspective on episode 6. then I will comment on Clyde.

    I just finished watching episode 6. It was disgusting on so many different levels. I am a 72 year old African Amercian retired investment banker. I could write a book about all the reasons this show was sick on so many differrent levels….. Again I find myself wondering what goes on with the discussions amongst the producers and writers. On the surface, it would appear that Marty was justified in outing the white executive who succeeded in passing for black. Marty actualy commited a great injustice fueled by his own closeted anger, hatred, and self loathing. In the end, all of his pod played into that injustice. Marty’s character was particularly disturbing because he allowed his pent-up smoldering anger, from so many sources to cause him to play into the hands of people like Wanda Sykes character, a hateful black racist, who raps her venom in sweet smiles and gile. If you read this missive, you may wonder what the devil I am so upset about. In my 72 years, I have experienced racist perversion from both blacks and whites. I will just say that racism is such a pernicous poison, it can often kill so slowly and subtilily, that the cause of death is missed.

    Lastly, Clyde’s character is also a venomous snake. His willingness to set Jeannie up with his politican friend is meant to be some sort of trap. Marty has a blind spot regarding Clyde, so does Jeannie. Clyde has some hidden agenda, intended to benefit only himself.

  3. Clifton Maclin says:

    One other thing that has caused me to feel uneasy and a bit cynical about how this HOL’s series will end is the conversation Marty had with Skip Galweather about his reason d’etre ( life motivation) He talked about living to grind down his enemies. He defined himself by his hatred of his opposition.

    Now this is a serious matter. In 1973, As a young male heterosexual African American investment banker, I was where Marty is. In fact, the social conditions were worse since in 1973, as an example, I was one of 4 African American bankers in an organization of thousands globally. There was a long period of time where i was strongly motivated by an ego driven need to prove that I was smarter, tougher, more cunning and ruthless than my white male counter parts. I was young, and a recent veteran of ground combat in Viet Nam. I did not understand how we were all, black and white, caught in a vicious trap of racism and “law of the jungle” business competiton. To fight my real and imagined white male enemies, i became just like I thought they were, and often worse. The more battles I won, the more i lost sight of what was really important, the people who loved and cared for me. That short sightedness cost me dearly. It cost me the love of my Jeannie. For HOL’s to end on a positive note, with Jeannie and Marty reconciled as life partners and parents, Marty will have to reject being driven by his fear, greed, and hate. My fear is that the producers and writers of HOL’s have shown a consistant and perverse preference for emphasizing the worse of human nature, not the best. They have preferred to make HOL’s a modern Greek Tragdy, where human fear, greed, and ego driven lust for power triumphs over love and virtue.

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