Has ‘Homeland’ Lost Its Touch?

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  1. MonGut says:

    this season has an aggregate rating on rotten tomatoes of 91% (and 92% by top critics). so you’re in the minority here, but you raise some good points. overall i feel that homeland is consistenly brilliant, though imperfect. seasons 1 & 2 were excellent vs. season 3 which stretched the brody storyline too far. season 4, i thought, proved all doubters wrong who thought the show could not go on without brody. it had some of the most nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat action since season 1. and the development of the carrie-quinn relationship was slow and satisfying. season 5 is the most subtle and unusual of homeland seasons and its uber-topical themes. but i laud the showrunners for taking risks and not following a formula. these include its setting in berlin, carrie squarely out of the C.I.A., the double-agent as a central threat, etc. what i haven’t liked is the haphazard pacing and too much action off-screen. for e.g. carrie was worried about quinn in the 9 days before she told astrid he was missing, but all that wasn’t scene. after building the relationship up for a few seasons, that’s something most of the fans wanted, needed even, to see. ultimately, homeland is still the most compelling show on television, warts ‘n all.

    1. Daniel says:

      I’m certainly going to have to agree with you on the fact that Season 4 had “the most nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat action since season 1.” That’s so true. Despite what some might call an anti-climactic season finale. For this article, I wrote most of it before actually watching the 11th episode of the season. After watching that, I did alter it (especially) at the end because it changed my perspective on the entire season. I’m thrilled that it’s gotten such great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, that’s fantastic. I still feel as though some of the outlying characters could have been left alone toward the end of the season, but above all it hasn’t been bad. I don’t think it’s lost its touch, but I do think it swayed a bit mid-season. But still a good one to watch.

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