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‘The Flash’ Ends With a Reset, But at What Cost?

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  1. Clifton Maclin says:

    Let me share my perspective on the issue of continuity between comic book history and TV series based on the comic book( not the bible.) What you are dealing with is at the heart of the problem I noted with the action of the producers and writers of House of Lies when they drastically broke continutiy between season 4 and season 5. The central question here is there a social convenant between TV writers,producers and the audience they are supposed to serve. Frankly, I think any organiztion or society that survives and thrives does so in large part because its member are united by some sort of social covenant: That is a tacit understanding that certain generally held expectations about the roles, duties , and obligations that will, in some predictable way, govern how all the members will treat eachother, and what they can generally expect from eachother to do. To the degree that covenant is violated, particularly by the groups leaders, social cohesion begin to weaken. If the guidelines of the covenant are violated enough, the violators are either brought to account, or the group disintegrates.

    An example would be the covemnant between a business and its customers. In business, when customers expectations are violated or ignored, the result is they spend their money else where. There may be other negative consequences, but customer disengagement is at least what a business should expect that violates customer expectations.

    That is the central problem with theTV show writers and producers who ignore viewer sentiments and preferences. The writers and producers may protest they have poetic and literary license. To them I say: “Fine, but I will stop watching the show you have offered up to me. Just because the shows oare what the producer want to serve up, does not obligate me to watch them.

    So your objection to what the writers and oroducers of “The Flash” have done is totally justified. If enough viewers of the Flash share your opinion, the show’s producers and writers will loose viewer loyalty , and loose sponcership underwriting. There is a price to be paid for violating viewer expectations, customer expectations, or those of any constituency. this is a case of “Let the Seller Beware.”

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