Fiona & Lip Gallagher: “Liam Almost Died”

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  1. Cara says:

    I agree. Lip knew he didn’t want to be responsible, and that, to me, makes him a more interesting character to look into. He knows what he’s doing before he goes into it. It seems that Fiona was just blabbing bullshit when she said “These kids deserve better and I want to give that to them”. Leaving coke around for a kid to find is just one of the many mistakes she’s made as their primary caregiver. And she blew away the opportunities she got to make it better (not being there for Debbie during her pregnancy & telling the kids to remove her as their emergency contact to name a few). I am never going to like Fiona as much as I liked her in season 1 through 3. The same goes for Ian. They both play the victim card far too often for my liking. Meanwhile Lip and technically Carl (who still owns the house) are basically keeping the Gallagher household running. The rest of them can’t wait to get out.

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