The Disenchantment of Debbie Gallagher

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  1. Ursula says:

    The writers of S6 & S7 have made it nearly impossible to root wholeheartedly for the Gallaghers. Debs went down a dark path with her baby making/mothering, and while I hope she redeems herself, I’m not sure she will. Emma does an incredible job making us all cringe at the actions of Debbie Gallagher.

    “Redemption” seems to be a missing quality in the Gallagher clan recently. They are no longer the stick together, All for One, One for All family we once rooted for, nor do they seem cognizant of the pain they inflict on the people who care about them. This is a trait they seem to have gotten from Monica and Frank. Once upon a time the Gallaghers were compassionate and gave a shit about someone other than just themselves as individuals, but I’m starting to think they’ve given that up too.

    Where’s a Milkovich when you need them? At least they stay true to who they are, good, bad, or ugly. I’m rooting for the Milkovich’s… where ever they may be.

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