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Sarah has her B.S in Applied Developmental Psychology. The irony of it being a BS in Psychology is not lost on her.

Ride or Die: Gallavich Style

Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich broke out of prison and before he headed down to Mexico to start his new life on the beach (where I hope he will be wearing a lot of sunscreen), he had some important busi…

Ian Gallagher and the Trevor Effect

I have a confession to make. In my article two weeks ago I featured Shameless’ New Cast of Characters and unintentionally did Trevor dirty. You see, when I highlighted Sierra, I discussed her in…

Trouble in Thruppledom

You know things are going awry in a romantic relationship when you catch your partner willingly screwing their ‘dad’. I’m going to go ahead and call out the fact that I never thought…

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