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Kasara currently resides in Los Angeles where she struggles with her feels and the realization that Dunkin iced coffee still tastes better on the East Coast.

Sense8: “What’s Going On?”

I need a sing-a-long like the one in ‘What’s Going On’ every day of my life. Preferably with Wolfgang duet-ing with me but hey—I’ll take what I can get. Oftentimes when starting a brand ne…

The Ever Evolving Cast of ‘Teen Wolf’

It took me a lot of good solid mental effort to get into Teen Wolf. If I said anything aside from that, I would be lying. Because, truly, it took me at least five separate attempts to make it through …

Teen Wolf: “Parasomnia”

Cue the terrifying idea of not being able to tell what is reality and what is hallucination. I’m a huge fan of scary movies and general creepy things, but it’s truly rare that I actually get scared wh…

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