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Kasara currently resides in Los Angeles where she struggles with her feels and the realization that Dunkin iced coffee still tastes better on the East Coast.

My Shameless Anti-Wishlist

Social media has told us that the cast of Shameless have received their scripts for season seven episode one. I’m sure some of you are jumping for joy, some have abandoned ship, and some are jus…

The Power Of Self-Production

Alright first thing’s first, I understand that i’m writing about Disney. A little out of left field but stay with me. In some recent interviews I have both read and conducted, I kept heari…

Shameless: Pimp’s Paradise

This is a weird recap for me. I have such mixed feelings about ‘Pimp’s Paradise’. I also feel like that sentence is hilarious if someone doesn’t know that’s an episode of Shameless. But really m…

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