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Kasara currently resides in Los Angeles where she struggles with her feels and the realization that Dunkin iced coffee still tastes better on the East Coast.

Shameless: “Swipe, F**k, Leave”

I sometimes wonder if we’ve gotten a little soft as to how far Shameless is willing to go. Because this show has never, ever, been PC in anything it’s done. Now, that’s not to say that’s a good or bad…

Shameless: “Hiraeth”

Maybe it’s just because I too am going through my own semi-existential crisis, but I related to Fiona’s new tattoo and blue hairstreak on the deepest level of my soul. Aside from my own downward spira…

Underrated Actors And Where To Find Them

Let me start by being perfectly clear that the below list consists of my own personal opinion, and my opinions only based on the shows which I watch. And ok, i’m sure you’re definitely gon…

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