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Daniel is a web developer at heart and spends way too much time fixing bugs. He loves being lazy, has a rather odd addiction to Netflix, and once worked for the CIA and then lied about it in his website bio.

Has ‘Homeland’ Lost Its Touch?

In the fifth season of the critically acclaimed Showtime spy-thriller, the team is playing a different game altogether. They’re in a new territory–fighting new enemies. For a series that focused…

Carrie Mathison Through The Ages

Flashing back to Baghdad, Iraq 2005, Carrie Mathison is a different person. The jump back to 2005 taught us a lot about the Carrie Mathison we know today. Back in 2005, she was ambitious and eager. To…

Homeland: “Better Call Saul”

There’s something else going on. As is true in many high stakes intense drama’s such as Homeland, the story’s central characters often have a hard time communicating. Something that …

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