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The 100: Murphy’s Controversial ”Consent”

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  1. Nuri' says:

    It’s funny because everyone saw the bathroom scene as something very sexy and hot. Me, I saw it as a manipulation’s game. Murphy knew what Ontari could do, even if he admitted what she did was smart… he knew he could die easily…I mean, you remember the scène when ontari pushed him in the staircase in the 309? Unlike her, he doesn’t how to fight but unlike her, he is frakkin smart. He manipulated her and because she liked him, she used her sexuality against him. For me, it’s 100% a rape, I agree. He didn’t have a choice and he said in the 312 she was crazy. So, he knew perfectly he could be dead if he continued to refuse her advances. He was also a prisoner of war. I know many soldiers used their prisoners as sex slaves… and it’s terrible. I guess, they want to show us that but they failed because of this music we heard during the scene and also because they didn’t talk about it later. Maybe in the season 4. For sure, Murphy have to survive, he is my favorite character since the beginning, I love studying him, I’m not surprise of his storyline because he is doing exactly what I’m waiting for him. He is very strong and interesting.. and someone wrote something very interesting about this awful rape. She said that we didn’t except someone like Murphy to be the victim of a rape but to be the rapist himself and the 100 prove people could be wrong. Everyone could a victim and it’s really awful.

    So, even if I’m really digusted by what happened to him (I was sick for a week after I watched it!!), I think people will admit the true: he is a rape’s victim and will admit it could happen to everyone and it’s happening every day! Rape is an horrible act, just hope we could talk more about it and about this rape! Also, it’s funny, this scene reminds me the scene in the 208 of The strain. An heroine was chained like Murphy and the pervert was an old man.. and everyone was agreed about what happened to her!

  2. Courtney Thompson says:

    Way late here but it’s also important to mention that in the next season when Murphy and Emori discuss it, Emori is mad and Murphy has to make it very clear to her that he didn’t have a choice.

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